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Collaborative Math

NSF Awards: 1503486

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Adult learners

Collaborative Math is a professional development model that addresses the whole teacher -- knowledge, attitudes, and practice.  In the first year of our randomized control trial, we discovered we made significant differences in early childhood teachers' confidence in their own ability to help young children explore math. 

Research indicates that teacher attitudes are an important factor in math learning among children.  In particular, it has been shown that female teachers who are anxious about mathematics can engender a similar attitude in their female students.  Finding ways to make positive shifts in the thinking of teachers of young children about mathematics and its teaching may be an important key to altering children's math-related attitudes and subsequently, their math achievement. 

Collaborative Math emphasizes a community approach to the enrichment of young children's math learning.  At early childhood centers, teachers, assistant teachers, aids, and instructional leaders are all involved in learning together about foundational mathematical thinking.  An intensive site-based component that includes coaching and extra supports for instructional leaders helps teachers and caregivers make and maintain the kind of changes in both their thinking and their practice that make math a rich and fun experience that both teachers and children look forward to. 

This video describes the intensive, multi-pronged intervention model that has made this difference and documents the profound shifts teachers have experienced in their math teaching as a result of their experience in Collaborative Math.

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