1. Jianwei Zhang
  2. http://www.albany.edu/etap/Jianwei_Zhang.php
  3. Associate Professor
  5. Univ at Albany, SUNY
  1. Mei-Hwa Chen
  2. Associate Professor
  4. Univ at Albany, SUNY
  1. Guangji Yuan
  2. Doctoral student
  4. Univ at Albany, SUNY

Connecting Idea Threads Across Communities for Sustained Knowledge Building

NSF Awards: 1441479

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8

Idea Thread Mapper (ITM) is a new generation collaborative platform to co-organize and support student-driven knowledge building within each classroom as well as idea interaction across classrooms. With the support of ITM, students in each classroom community co-organize shared inquiry directions over time as they continually build and deepen their understandings, and further tap into the knowledge built by other classrooms in the same and previous school years. The core functions focus on the needs to discover emerging interests and directions in students’ interactive discourse, to formulate unfolding strands of inquiry through reflective processes, and to make such structures visible for student reflection. ITM includes (a) spaces and tools for online discourse interaction through which students generate deepening questions and ideas; and (b) features for inquiry structure creation and visualization to capture emerging inquiry directions and co-organize the online discourse accordingly; and (c) a cross-community space for students from different classrooms to view one another’s inquiry directions and progress and engage in “super talks” to discuss challenging issues across classrooms.  Analytics embedded in ITM the reveal emergent inquiry directions, student participation, idea progress, and connections. See more info at https://tccl.arcc.albany.edu/wpsite/?page_id=694

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