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American Society of Naval Engineers, Navatek

Future Leaders in Experienced-based Engineering & Technology (FLEET)


2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Informal / multi-age

The FLEET video game is a nationwide naval engineering competition for students in middle and high school. FLEET is a partnership between the Office of Naval Research, Navatek (a private ship design and engineering company), and the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE). Navatek contributes simulation design and technical expertise, while ASNE leads the outreach and education efforts. The competition is virtual, and ASNE arranges in-person, live events. 


During this school year, the FLEET program has grown to include curricula targeting different use cases. All lessons and supplemental resources connect FLEET to standards-aligned instruction in English, Math, and/or Science classes. Most materials include additional resources to support English Language Learners. Our partner schools use FLEET in a variety of ways: 1) FLEET engages students turned off by a traditional curriculum, 2) FLEET simulates forces and budgets discussed in traditional curricula, and 3) FLEET is a tool to show real-world problems that students can investigate using science and engineering processes. 


The entire FLEET program encourages students to engage in the engineering design process while using 21st Century skills. The competitions are structured so that teams of 4-5 collaborate in the shipbuilding. Students research and investigate the forces, materials, and activities simulated by FLEET. The curricula allow ample time for students to hypothesize, test, evaluate, and redesign. This iterative process allows students to move from thinking "Is this correct?" to "I wonder what will happen if we..."


FLEET includes a grant program to facilitate organizations adopting the materials. We hope you will join our program soon! 

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