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R324A110286, H327S140019, R305A170044

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Informal / multi-age

The KinderTEK iPad app teaches critical early math skills and builds fluency within a fun, engaging environment. Embedded Common Core-aligned reporting and management tools and an optional web-based learning management system round out a strong system of support for students learning early math. KinderTEK's research- and evidence-based instruction, rewards, and customization options maximize student learning and give educators and parents implementation flexibility. This individualized educational system provides instruction and targeted practice shown to support deep and lasting learning even for students struggling with the most foundational mathematics concepts. Designed for real classrooms, KinderTEK can support classrooms with and without WiFi, with a single or many iPads, and with diverse student needs. It can be used for intervention, supplemental instruction, or math practice. Instructional mode, session length, pacing, reward systems, time-to-act indicators and self-progress monitoring measures default to those found effective for most students, but can be customized to fit each student's instructional, attention and motivational needs.


KinderTEK's underlying instructional principles, user-interface, and system architecture were chosen to broaden access to - and mastery of - early math concepts. With federal support, the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon has partnered with technology firms and seven school districts to-date to make KinderTEK what it is today. Rigorous formative and summative research studies of KinderTEK reveal its feasibility and effectiveness in general education classrooms, special education classrooms, pull out intervention settings, preschools, home schooling environments, and summer schools geared toward struggling students generally and targeted minority populations.


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