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University of Oregon, Georgia Southern University

Project ESCOLAR (Etext Supports for Collaborative Online Learning and Academi...


2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 6-8

This video showcases the web-based ESCOLAR (Etext Supports for Collaborative Online Learning and Academic Reading) science curriculum program for middle school classrooms. Features of the curriculum include (a) an interactive, flexible, multi-modal learning environment, (b) built-in supports for students with various disabilities and learning styles, (c) alignment to Next Generation Science Standards, and (d) teacher-friendly resources such as an online professional development course and automated reports of student progress. The ESCOLAR curriculum was designed to help middle school science teachers meet the learning needs of diverse students, prepare all students for global citizenship, lessen the longstanding science literacy gap for students traditionally underrepresented in science education and careers, implement national and state standards, and successfully integrate modern technology into the science classroom. The curriculum consists of 15 units covering all middle school Next Generation Science Standards, including life science, physical science, Earth and space science, and scientific foundational skills. This new educational technology tool gives teachers and students a rich learning environment with highly interactive and engaging materials, guided inquiry-based activities, opportunities to collaborate, and on-screen reading enhancements to promote comprehension of scientific text. The ESCOLAR science curriculum program has been shown to be effective in deepening science knowledge among middle school students relative to traditional teaching methods. It offers a model for researchers and practitioners of how instructional technology can enhance science instruction among all students and lessen inequities among underrepresented students.  

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