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UTeach Maker

NSF Awards: 1557155

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Undergraduate, Graduate

Robert Noyce, a co-founder of Intel, is considered the father of the semiconductor industry. A man devoted to innovation and to education, Noyce stressed the importance of education and of preparing the next generation to thrive in a high-tech world. Noyce himself was the embodiment of what has become known as a maker mindset. The National Science Foundation's Noyce grants honor the spirit of audacious experimentation and play exemplified by Robert Noyce as a boy and as an innovator. Supported by an NSF Noyce grant, the UTeach STEM teacher preparation program is working with the vibrant Austin maker community to engage students in meaningful, authentic, and relevant projects and activities as we critically examine how "making" can improve education. UTeach Noyce recipients have the opportunity to participate in UTeach Maker, an innovative micro-credentialing program that helps UTeach students bring innovative, project-based maker practices into their STEM classrooms and makerspace environments. Each UTeach Maker has a personal mentor, participates in ongoing maker professional development, and creates a Maker Showcase to serve as a portfolio of their work. UTeach Makers from this program have become active members in the maker community, attending events such as SXSW Create and the Austin Maker Faire and working in local makerspaces. UTeach Maker graduates have become high school engineering teachers and have been hired internationally to integrate makerspace environments with STEM education. Several UTeach Maker graduates are working to publish their innovative lessons. Additional information about UTeach Maker can be found on our website, https://maker.uteach.utexas.edu.
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