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  2. SciGirls Outreach Manager
  4. Twin Cities Public Television
  1. Barbara Billington
  3. Twin Cities Public Television
  1. Alex Dexheimer
  2. Senior STEM Coordinator
  4. Twin Cities Public Television

SciGirls Strategies: Gender Equitable Teaching Practices in Career and Techni...

NSF Awards: 1513060

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12

SciGirls, a national PBS multimedia project produced by Twin Cities PBS, recently released a series of short videos called SciGirls Snapshots. These videos are part of SciGirls Strategies, a multi-year NSF initiative that provides Minnesota’s career and technical education (CTE) high school educators and counselors with gender equitable and culturally responsive teaching approaches.

Over the past three years, SciGirls Strategies have developed a semester-long course and year-long interaction. We have provided the face-to-face course for all three years, and this year have added an online version to engage teachers in greater Minnesota.

Like all of SciGirls media content and educators’ resources, the SciGirls Snapshot project component is rooted in the SciGirls Seven, a set of research-based strategies to engage girls in STEM studies and career paths. Our NSF Showcase submission is titled “Explicit Gender Equity,” and discusses best practices for introducing girls to obstacles they may face in pursuing non-traditionally female technical and trades occupations.

Additional SciGirls Snapshots videos focus on:

  • Student-Centered and Personally Relevant Learning
  • Designing Group Work and Promoting Respectful Conversations
  • Role Modeling

These videos will be disseminated by our national partners PBS Learning Media and the National Girls Collaborative, reaching thousands more educators, and will be shared with our 85 certified SciGirls CONNECT trainers who annually train hundreds of educators.

Fun fact: the featured instructor, Dr. Barbara Billington, worked on the original SciGirls Seven strategies as a post-doc at the University of Minnesota, and is now a teaching professor at their STEM Center.

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