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NASA Academy of Aerospace Quailty


2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12, Undergraduate, Graduate, Adult learners

The NASA Academy of Aerospace Quality (AAQ) serves as an internet based forum for providing quality assurance training to those involved or interested in aerospace research, technology development, and space payload design and development.  The NASA AAQ curriculum includes 50 educational modules for all aspects of quality assurance necessary to ensure project success.  The site also provides a virtual community for networking and sharing of lessons-learned among like-minded scholars.  The NASA AAQ is totally open access with a target audience of university space student projects such as cube satellites and high altitude balloons.  However the NASA AAQ is open to anyone  and users have included high school student space teams, private industries involved with space, the U.S. military, medical researchers, and educational and governmental personnel located in foreign countries.  While still under development, the NASA AAQ currently has 50 Technical Educational Modules, 121 Lessons Learned, 3 Case Studies, Acronyms, Links to Relevant Standards, and Definitions.  Technical modules are diverse and include such topics as Systems Engineering, Electrostatic Discharge, Non-destructive Testing, Workmanship, Soldering, Quality Planning, Regression Analysis, Configuration Management, and Counterfeit Parts.  Self testing on learning achievements is available and the virtual academy will soon allow the ability for individual users or teams to set their own curricula and track user progress through the learning modules.  The NASA AAQ holds an annual workshop for users and prospective users at no registration cost to attendees.  

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