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Integrating Computational Thinking into Mathematics Instruction in Rural and ...

NSF Awards: 1640135

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6

Public media producers from WGBH and Kentucky Educational Television, and researchers from the Education Development Center (EDC) have teamed up on the project Integrating Computational Thinking into Mathematics Instruction in Rural and Urban Preschools.

The team is exploring young children’s computational thinking (CT) learning and preschool teachers’ CT understanding as they engage with playful prototype hands-on activities and digital tablet apps that integrate CT into preschool math instruction. The prototypes leverage a charming group of characters from the new media property Monkeying Around.

The team first developed a CT learning blueprint and a CT/math alignment document, and from those foundational resources created a set of tablet app and hands-on activity prototypes that focus on the CT concepts of sequencing, debugging, and modularity and align with the preschool math Building Blocks curriculum. The prototypes were developed in stages, with iterations tested in classrooms and discussed with teachers during monthly visits to rural and urban preschools. After each monthly visit, researchers analyzed classroom observation notes and identified promising practices and areas for improvement for each of the prototypes tested. In total, the team will have produced three CT apps and 12 CT hands-on activities that align with preschool math instruction. Videos from classroom visits will also be analyzed and exploratory learning tasks will be administered to further understand children’s CT learning and teachers’ CT understanding.

This video provides an overview of the project and showcases the teaching and learning process of educators and children as they experience apps and activities in both rural and urban preschool classrooms.

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