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Latina SciGirls: Promoting Middle School-Age Hispanic Girls' Positive STEM Id...

NSF Awards: 1515507

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Informal / multi-age

Twin Cities PBS has produced a fourth season of the Emmy Award-winning PBS show, SciGirls, that includes six half-hour episodes filmed in Spanish, showing groups of girls and their Latina STEM mentors investigating culturally relevant STEM problems of interest to Hispanic communities across the U.S. Filmed in Hispanic communities in Colorado, Arizona, New York, Texas, California and Puerto Rico, Latina STEM mentors and girls represent diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.

The approach to Latina SciGirls is rooted in research-based strategies proven to engage girls in STEM, and the need to address specific barriers that prevent many Hispanic girls from participating fully in STEM studies and careers. These barriers include lack of STEM identity (girls’ perception of themselves as scientists or engineers) and limited exposure to STEM role models. Latina SciGirls also provides opportunities to connect girls and their families with in-person Latina role models via community outreach in diverse Hispanic communities across the country.

Latina SciGirls also supports an external research study with The University of Colorado-Boulder,  testing the hypothesis: The SciGirls model, when augmented to address specific barriers to STEM engagement of Hispanic girls ages 8 to 13 and their parents, will promote the development of positive STEM-related identities in Hispanic girls. The study will investigate Hispanic girls’ personal experiences in engaging with Spanish-language media, STEM role models, activities and family celebrations; and how those experiences contribute to their STEM identity development against cultural and gender-based stereotypes. An external evaluation by Knight Williams, Inc. includes front-end, formative and summative phases.

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