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Northern Michigan University

Indigenous Women Working within the Sciences

NSF Awards: 1649082

2018 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades 9-12, Graduate, Adult learners

Boozhoo | She:kon | Greetings - 

April Lindala nindizhinikaaz (is my name) and I am honored to be the Lead PI on a NSF INCLUDES program entitled Indigenous Women Working within the Sciences. On behalf of our program team, I invite you to Reimagine STEM. This video features clips and photos from three of our Year I activities: Reimagine STEM Summer Youth Academy, the Reimagine STEM Educators Institute, and the Reimagine STEM Fall Summit.

My colleagues and I are from Northern Michigan University in beautiful Marquette, Michigan. NMU is located on the southern shores of Lake Superior and upon the ancestral homelands of the Anishinaabeg. External evaluation for our NSF INCLUDES program is Bowman Performance Consulting based in Wisconsin.
I currently serve as the director of the NMU Center for Native American Studies. 

Our IWWS project has two aims: 1) train K-16 STEM educators in American Indian inclusivity in the classroom and 2) increase the number of American Indians seeking to study within the STEM fields, particularly American Indian women.

Two tenets of Native American Studies as a discipline include 1) acknowledging the interconnectivity of all living things and 2) recognizing the deep relationship between Native nations and their traditional homelands. As such, we seek to address how these, and other tenets of Native American Studies, can help to inform teaching methods in STEM classrooms.

Chi miigwech (great thanks), April Lindala, director - NMU Center for Native American Studies

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