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EarthConnections: Community Pathways to Geoscience Careers

NSF Awards: 1649367

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)


EarthConnections is based in communities – linking students, educators, and community leaders together to address a local challenge that can be explored by the students using geoscience. By working with students from diverse backgrounds, the project team is developing a network of people and resources to prepare students to work in their communities addressing environmental hazards and resource issues directly impacting their local community. This project brings together partners who have led successful national efforts addressing components of these challenges with partners in three regions to create pathways in three regional pilots, focusing on key academic transitions in three diverse US communities—Atlanta, Georgia; San Bernardino, California; and Oklahoma—and will use these pathways as laboratories and catalysts for a systemic change in geoscience and geoscience education. These pathways will include multiple opportunities for students to 1) learn geoscience in the context of compelling local issues, 2) use geoscience to address local challenges, and 3) explore geoscience career pathways.

The EarthConnections collective impact alliance develops regionally focused, Earth education pathways that support and guide students from engagement in relevant, Earth-related science at an early age through the many steps and transitions to geoscience-related careers. EarthConnections advances the use of participatory approaches in the geosciences, nurturing a generation of future scientists who are well-versed in methods and strategies for community engagement. This approach has broad, local community impact and will increase the public’s value of and support for geoscience.

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