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  3. UCSC Foundation Professor of Psychology
  5. University of California Santa Cruz
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  1. Andrew Dayton
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  4. University of California Santa Cruz

SGER: Learning through Observing and Pitching In to Community Activities

NSF Awards: 0837898

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Grades 6-8, Informal / multi-age

Children from underserved backgrounds bring many resources to their learning in STEM fields and beyond.  Children from many Indigenous- and Mexican-heritage backgrounds use a sophisticated form of collaboration that is visible even at a micro-scale of fractions of seconds, revealing the foundations of thinking together. Not only is collaboration important for their own learning; their sophisticated collaboration provides a model of learning together for other children, as well as for teachers, program designers, governments, and the public -- all of us.

Sophisticated collaboration is a key feature of a way of learning in many Indigenous-heritage communities of the Americas:  Learning by Observing and Pitching In (LOPI) to family and community endeavors.  https://learningbyobservingandpitchingin.sites.ucsc.edu/

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