1. Valerie Butler
  2. BioEYES Baltimore Program Manager
  4. Carnegie Institution for Science
  1. Steven Farber
  2. https://carnegiescience.edu/scientist/steven-farber
  3. Staff Member
  5. Carnegie Institution for Science
  1. Judith Neugebauer
  2. BioEYES Utah Program Manager
  4. University of Utah


NSF Awards: 0638723

2017 (see original presentation & discussion)

Grades K-6, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12, Adult learners

BioEYES, a nonprofit outreach program that partners scientists and higher education faculty with teachers, uses zebrafish to excite and educate K–12 students about science and how to think and act like scientists. Over 100,000 students have taken part in BioEYES in hundreds of under-resourced schools since 2002. During the week-long experiments that occur during the school day, students in 2nd, 5th, 7th and 10th grades raise zebrafish embryos to learn the principles of development and genetics. Teachers too, learn how to model hands-on science practices, collaborative inquiry, and collaborative discourse in their classrooms as they co-teach alongside Outreach Educators provided by the program. After three years of professional development at our research institutions and in the classroom, teachers may progress to become “Model Teachers,” and are fully trained to deliver BioEYES on their own with loaned materials. A recent study published in PLoS Biology (http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pbio.2000520) of nearly 20,000 participating students found that BioEYES effectively increased students’ content knowledge and produced favorable shifts in students’ attitudes about science. These outcomes were especially pronounced in younger students.

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