There are over 1300 videos in the Multiplex. How can I find videos and projects of interest to me?

The Videos page provides many filters (keyword, grade level, audience, state, etc.) that can be used together to narrow a search. The more filters you select, the smaller your list of videos will become.

The search field can also be used to type in a more specific search term or name of interest (e.g. chemistry, algebra, “video game,” Harvard, or Jones (presenter name), etc.). Using this Search field will return results with all videos that have used your search term(s) in their abstracts, video narrative, etc. and will be more thorough than just using the ‘keyword filter’ (which were keywords that were selected by presenters).

Using the search field (vs keywords) will also provide the most comprehensive search results, as it will search all of the presentation data (title, abstract, presenter name, and video transcripts, etc.) for that search term. Instead, choosing a keyword from the drop-down will return the list of presentations that had that particular keyword chosen by the presenters when they submitted their video (they chose up to 3 from the list). 

If you would like, you can save your search results as a playlist using the button at the top of the page so that you can easily access it in the future.