How can I create a playlist?

There are two ways to create playlists of videos. The first is to create a playlist based on your search results; the second is to 'save' individual videos that you find as you are browsing and you would like to add to your favorites or to a list you have already created (or would like to create).

  1. The first way is to search the video collection using text or filters from the Videos page. You can then save the search results as a playlist using the 'Save As Playlist' button in the top right of the results listing. Saving this playlist will bring you to an edit playlist page, where you can provide your own playlist name and description. You will also see the first 10 results of your search on the left and the remaining videos of your search on the right (if more than 10 videos). You can then edit your playlist by adding or subtracting additional videos. In general, keeping playlists to less than 20 videos will help make them more manageable and useable.
  2. The second way is to 'save' individual videos that you find as you are browsing and would like to add to your list of favorites or to another list you have created. When you find a video that you would like to 'save,' click on the 'Add to a playlist +' button that you will see beneath every video.  This will open a menu to allow you to add this video to your list of Favorites, to one of your other saved playlists, or to a new playlist that you create (in this menu). 

To access your saved playlists at anytime, click on your name (in the top right) to open your Activity menu. Click 'My Saved Playlists.'