FAQs for Visitors

  1. There are over 1600 videos in the Multiplex. How can I find videos and projects of interest to me?

    The Videos page provides many filters (keyword, grade level, audience, state, etc.) that can be used together to narrow a search. The more filters you select, the smaller your list of videos will become.

    The search field can also be used to type in a more specific search term or name of interest (e.g. chemistry, algebra, “video game,” Harvard, or Jones (presenter name), etc.). Using this Search field will return results with all videos that have used your search term(s) in their abstracts, video narrative, etc. and will be more thorough than just using the ‘keyword filter’ (which were keywords that were selected by presenters).

    Using the search field (vs keywords) will also provide the most comprehensive search results, as it will search all of the presentation data (title, abstract, presenter name, and video transcripts, etc.) for that search term. Instead, choosing a keyword from the drop-down will return the list of presentations that had that particular keyword chosen by the presenters when they submitted their video (they chose up to 3 from the list). 

    If you would like, you can save your search results as a playlist using the button at the top of the page so that you can easily access it in the future.

  2. How can I use the Multiplex site to find videos of interest if I am…?

    A teacher or a school administrator?

    Search for videos by topics of interest. Use the Audience filter to view videos intended for a teacher/administrator audience. Use the Keyword and/or Grade-level filters to narrow the topics and age-group of students of interest. Use the Search field to type any specific term or name that is of interest.

    A researcher interested in finding projects of interest in STEM and CS education?

    Use the Audience filter to find videos intended for a researcher audience. Use the Keyword and/or Grade-level filters to narrow the topics and age-group of students of most interest. Use the Search field to type any specific term or name that is of interest.

    Looking to find projects in a particular state? Or from a particular organization?

    Use the State filter to find videos by a project in a particular state. To most easily find videos by projects and presenters from a particular organization, type the name of the organization into the Search field. The Organization filter can also be used.

    Looking to get funding from a particular National Science Foundation program or other federal program?

    To search for NSF programs of interest, use the NSF Program filter to find videos of projects that have been funded by these programs. Use the Funder filter to find projects funded by federal agencies other than NSF (NASA, NIH, etc.). 

    Looking for videos about STEM and Higher Education?  

    Use the Audience filter to find videos intended for a higher ed faculty or administrators. Use the Keyword and/or Grade-level filters to narrow the topics and age-group of students of most interest. Use the NSF Program filter to select programs that are focused on undergraduate and graduate education (e.g. IUSE, LSAMP, HBCU-UP, IGERT, etc.). Use the Search field to type any specific term or name that is of interest.

    Looking for videos about informal STEM learning?  

    Use the Audience filter to find videos intended for informal educators. Use the Keyword and/or Grade-level filters to narrow the topics and age-group of students of most interest. Use the NSF Program filter to select projects funded by the AISL program (Advancing Informal STEM Learning). Use the Search field to type any specific term or name that is of interest.


  3. How can I create a playlist?

    There are two ways to create playlists of videos. The first is to create a playlist based on your search results; the second is to 'save' individual videos that you find as you are browsing and you would like to add to your favorites or to a list you have already created (or would like to create).

    1. The first way is to search the video collection using text or filters from the Videos page. You can then save the search results as a playlist using the 'Save As Playlist' button in the top right of the results listing. Saving this playlist will bring you to an edit playlist page, where you can provide your own playlist name and description. You will also see the first 10 results of your search on the left and the remaining videos of your search on the right (if more than 10 videos). You can then edit your playlist by adding or subtracting additional videos. In general, keeping playlists to less than 20 videos will help make them more manageable and useable.
    2. The second way is to 'save' individual videos that you find as you are browsing and would like to add to your list of favorites or to another list you have created. When you find a video that you would like to 'save,' click on the 'Add to a playlist +' button that you will see beneath every video.  This will open a menu to allow you to add this video to your list of Favorites, to one of your other saved playlists, or to a new playlist that you create (in this menu). 

    To access your saved playlists at anytime, click on your name (in the top right) to open your Activity menu. Click 'My Saved Playlists.' 


  4. How can I save a list of my Favorite videos?

    As you watch videos that you would like to mark as a favorite, click on the + sign beneath any video that appeals to you (on that video’s page). Click the box for ‘Favorites’ and the video will be added to your list of favorites. 

  5. Where can I find my saved playlists and my Favorites?

    To access your saved playlists, you need to be logged in as a member. Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right of any page to open your activity menu. This opens a drop-down with links to buttons you can click to access your playlists, comments, and other site activity.

    Click My Saved Playlists to see your list of playlists, including your Favorites. For each playlist, use the buttons to view, edit, or share.

  6. How can I share a playlist that I create with my colleagues?

    You can share your playlists with colleagues, professional organizations, or friends and family by using the ‘Share’ button that you will see wherever you are viewing playlists. Clicking this Share button will provide a link that you can then copy and use to share in an email, on Twitter, or on Facebook. 

  7. What is the Theme of the Month?

    Different themes about groups of videos related to STEM and computer education will be presented monthly. Each theme will include a:

    • Playlist of related videos
    • Blog post introducing the theme
    • List of links to related resources 
    • Discussion with the theme's facilitators and other site members
    • Webinar with expert panelists
    • Synthesis brief about the theme that will be posted at the end of the month.

    Be sure to join as a member to receive notifications about these Theme of the Month activities. 

  8. Are there playlists that are already created that I can view?

    Multiplex members and staff have created and shared curated playlists that you can explore that feature different topics each month and show what is trending. Explore these curated playlists using the Playlists button in the top menu.

  9. How can I be a presenter in a STEM for All Video Showcase event?

    Projects that address STEM and CS learning and receive federal funding from NSF and other federal agencies (e.g. ED, NASA, NIH, IMLS, USDA, etc.) can participate by presenting a (< 3 min) video about their projects work. In order to participate:

    • registration is mandatory and the lead presenter from each project must register (mid-January to mid-February)
    • all videos must be submitted by the deadline in April.
    • presenters must participate during the online interactive event in May. 

    To stay up to date with upcoming dates and deadlines, join the Multiplex! Email communications will not only provide information about Multiplex events, but upcoming Video Showcase dates and deadlines, as well.

    For more information about the latest Showcase, please visit the Showcase Q&A and the Info for Presenters pages on the 2022 STEM for All Video Showcase website. 


  10. How can I stay up to date with STEM for All Video Showcase and Multiplex events and activities?

    Join the site as a member and subscribe to our newsletter. We will email information about the Theme of Month, information about the current Video Showcase event, as well as information about the Multiplex website. Having a login will also allow you to keep track of your activity, as well as save and share playlists, including your favorites. 

  11. Is closed captioning available for the videos?

    Yes, the closed captioning is available for the videos. Click the cc button in the bottom right (of each video) to turn them on/off, as necessary.

  12. Who should I contact if I have any additional questions or if I'm having technical trouble?

    Please send an email to contact@stemforall.videohall.com.

  13. How come some presentations have an Activity map and others do not?

    The map feature was added to the STEM for All Video Showcase starting in 2017, so all video presentations from the 2017 - 2019 Video Showcases have this feature to view and all future showcases will also display this activity. This feature was not available during the  2015 and 2016 Video Showcases, and therefore the presentations from those years can not display it.

  14. What is the Multiplex website?

    The Multiplex is an online, free, interactive platform combining the videos presented in the 20152016201720182019 and 2020  STEM for All Video Showcases. It provides visitors with new ways to search and discover videos of interest related to cutting edge efforts to transform science, mathematics, engineering, technology and computer science learning. Visitors can create and share playlists of these videos, join Theme of the Month webinars and discussions, and stay connected to STEM for All Video Showcase all year long.

    Read more About the Multiplex.

  15. What can I do on this website?
    • Search for videos about projects in STEM and CS teaching and learning that are of interest.
    • Post comments or questions to the presenters of these videos.
    • Create playlists of videos to save and to share with colleagues.
    • Participate in the Theme of the Month activities. 
    • Subscribe to our newsletter.


  16. Who can become a member of this website?

    Anyone that is interested in STEM and CS education can join as a member by providing an email address (used to login). Members can easily post to the discussions, save playlists and favorite videos, receive email updates from the STEM for All Multiplex and Video Showcase.

    For those who have participated in our annual STEM for All Video Showcase events, you can use the same email address and password to login to the Multiplex as you used in the Showcase. If you cannot remember your password, you can use the 'forget your password?' link to have it emailed to you.